Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Superbowl Family Traditions

Superbowl Sunday traditions have changed a bit since my children were younger. Back then, there were several families that would converge on my house the afternoon of the big event. Each family would bring a dish that was either finger foods, snacks or just hearty he-man fare. The wives would set out the buffet with hot foods being kept warm in crockpots or chafing dishes. Once everything was set, off we would go to dinner and a movie, leaving the men to watch the Superbowl and the kids. Read more...

The menu was fairly simple, with snacks consisting of home-made caramel corn, a bucket of peanuts, a bowl of party mix and plenty of chips and salsa. We would set out crockpots of meatballs and sausage and peppers with a basket of sliced grinder rolls so the menfolk could make their own sandwiches, and a large batch of chili with a side of cornbread. And we couldn't forget the chicken wings. We'd set out hot wings with Archie Moore's sauce and a side of bleu cheese dressing for dipping, as well as a few honey-barbecue wings for the kids.Desserts were also simple and usually consisted of platters of brownies, chocolate chip cookies and some penuche

Times have changed and the kids have grown and gone. But Superbowl Sunday still remains legend and the tradition will continue to be carried out by my kids. But stay tuned over the next few weeks and I'll share my best Superbowl recipes with you.

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