Sunday, 11 July 2010

Grocery Shop on a Budget

After almost 20 years in marketing in the food and beverage industry, I can tell you with all certainty that there are thousands and thousands of people making big bucks every day by thinking up devious ways to get you to spend more in the grocery store. In fact, premier researcher Paco Underhill has made a fortune from his book "Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping." The book teaches marketers how to tug at your emotions so that you will buy their products.

 Here are a few tips for making your next trip to the grocery store less stressful to you and your wallet:
  • Although you may be tempted to put your children in the grocery cart, do not do it unless absolutely necessary. Specialists called Category Managers have arranged to put all of those things that your kids want the most right at their eye level in the aisles when the kids are in the cart. Although it may slow you down to have them walk besides you, your shopping trip will be much less stressful.
  • Did you ever wonder why basic staples like bread, milk, eggs and butter are in the furthest corner of the store from the front doors? It is so that you will have to pass hundreds of brands and advertisements along the way, hopefully making an impulse buy or two. Resist the urge.
  • When in the produce aisles, always reach to the back of the shelf for the freshest produce. Older goods are always placed in the front in the hopes that unsuspecting shoppers will reach for them first.
  • Normally, the best buys and lowest prices are relegated to the bottom shelf in the aisles. Learn to bend down. Your budget will thank you.
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