Wednesday, 28 November 2012

6 Tips to Easily Accommodate Unexpected Dinner Guests

 In today’s fast paced and economy conscious world most moms plan family dinners well ahead of time, and grocery shop accordingly. These plans work very well until an unexpected extra guest or two arrives on the scene. Don’t panic. You will be surprised at the options the everyday items in the pantry offer. Use the following tips to easily stretch your meal for four to a great meal for six. 

  • Make a quick soup to serve before the main course. Most of us have canned soups hiding in the pantry that can be used as is or spiced up with vegetables. Ramen noodles can be used, add some vegetables and garnish with sliced green onions. 
  • Make a super salad. Serve a nice salad before the main course, use garnishes such as sliced sweet peppers, boiled eggs and sliced tomatoes to make it special. 
  • Add bread. Make some quick garlic bread, or biscuits to go with the dinner. 
  • Add a dish to your main course. Consider adding macaroni and cheese, or make a rice dish to compliment your main course. 
  • Use leftovers as a side dish. Take a dish of leftovers out of the freezer and use as a side dish. Not enough for six? Take out a couple of dishes. 
  • Use a restaurant delivery service. Occasionally you will be faced with an unexpected guest that you want to impress, perhaps a co-worker or parents of your daughters or sons current paramour. For these occasions utilize restaurant delivery for one or two side dishes to compliment your meal and make yourself look like a master chef! 
Whether you add soup or salad (or both), breads or leftovers you will easily and economically have a meal that is fit for a king.

 TIP: If you find yourself having one or two extra teenagers as dinner guests use restaurant delivery for cheap pizza. Pizza is always a hit with teenagers, cut into small pieces and pile on a platter along with your planned meal.

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